samir sayed abdellattef [SECTIONPLUS]

although with roots clinging to the context of graphic design, over time my interests have expanded, turning in the direction of the visual arts and allowing interdisciplinary characteristics to be taken on my artistic research path, formed within the academy of fine arts of venice, italy. currently my fields of action are those of visual performance and installation [real time visual performing, vjing, lighting design, stage mapping, projection mapping], creating site specific and site sensitive works using softwares that allow me to create forms of interaction with images.


second level academic diploma at the academy of fine arts in venice, school of new technologies of arts, focused in graphic design. the thesis discussion took place the 5th march 2019. title of the thesis: “light on”. thesis supervisor: prof. gaetano mainenti, co-supervisors prof. roberto russo and stefano marotta. mark: 110/110 with honours;

workshop “making images”, learning to use the tools you need to build a project based on the use of multimedia (interactive sceneries, audiovisual performances, projection mapping, body tracking, etc.), held by martin romeo during the “toolkit festival”. workshop held in venice at officina delle zattere;

first level academic diploma at the academy of fine arts in venice, school of new technologies of arts, focused in graphic design. the thesis discussion took place the 25th february 2015. title of the thesis: “vjing. real time visual performing”, a technical-historical-evolutive analysis of the audio-visual performance. thesis supervisor: prof. manuel frara, co-supervisor prof. davide tiso. mark: 110/110 with honours;

pre-production, production and post-production for “artvision. a live art channel “, a project that promotes innovation in the field of interactive communication, cultural and inter-institutional balance between the countries of the adriatic and europeans. co-financed from the adriatic ipa cbc programme 2007-2013 measure 3.3 “communication networks”, result of a partnership led by the area policies for promotion of the territory, of knowledge and talent with the technical support of apulia film commission. project partners and associates: pino pascali museum of art foundation contemporary; veneto region-department of culture and performing arts; accademia di belle arti in venice; ministry of culture of montenegro; faculty of arts dramatic cetinje – montenegro; ministry of culture of albania; university of the arts tirana-albania; primorje-gorski kotar-croatia; kanal ri-croatia; euronews; artribune; servizi-italiani.net s.r.l.; radio television of montenegro; rtv now news – albania;

workshop “dealing politic through filmmaking”, learning how to make a movie, the techniques at the base of a director’s work and finding out why today’s cinema about protests and resistances is more necessary than ever. held by movie director jonathan nossiter, within the festival “international” organized in ferrara by the homonymous magazine;

workshop/seminar held by primoz bizjak and guido cecere, organized by the academy of fine arts in venice at forte marghera, venice;

diploma in literature and philosophy – major in oriental studies, attained at the faculty of oriental studies, university “la sapienza” in rome. the thesis discussion took place the 3th february 2009. title of the thesis: “shomei tomatsu. mandala of a photographer”, life and works of a contemporary japanese photographer. thesis supervisor: prof. daniela sadun, co-supervisor prof. alida alabiso. mark: 107/110.


“a.i. artificial integration”, interactive installation created in collaboration with the v.r.a.i. [vision, robotics and artificial intelligence] – department of information engineering – polytechnic university of marche, exhibited during the art+b=love(?), festival dedicated to art that innovates science, at the mole vanvitelliana, ancona;

“l/r feat modulus”, audiovisual installation/projection mapping on glass walls, in collaboration with sound artists teresa mira gandini, leonardo fioraso and atelier di decorazione b, accademia di belle arti di venezia, on the occasion of the exhibition “glassound”, held during the “venice glass week 2018”, the international festival of the city of Venice dedicated to the art of Murano glass.;

“derma_07, lenz: one form passes into another in a perennial disclosure”, exhibition and performance hosted by neo, padua, italy, in collaboration with sound artist alessandro ragazzo;

“In bloom”, visual for concert hosted by mame, padua, italy. in collaboration with band in bloom;

“defrag”, audiovisual installation, in collaboration with sound artist teresa mira gandini and atelier di decorazione b, accademia di belle arti di venezia, on the occasion of the exhibition “ara, percorsi di progettazione per il vetro artistico contemporaneo all’accademia di belle arti di venezia”;

“desktop”, exhibition and live set. audio-video performance hosted by spazio about, venice, italy, in collaboration with multimedia artists giuliano tarlao and alice palamenghi;

“derma_01”, exhibition and performance hosted by i’m lab cultural center, abano terme, italy,  in collaboration with sound artist davide cairo aka edisonnoside;

“rhizome goes to…” project in collaboration with andreas linder, giuliano tarlao and paola ristoldo, curated by prof. manuel frara (academy of fine arts of venice) at the workshop/symposyum about interaction and education at beihang university of beijing, china;

“back-yard”. visual performance at school of new technologies of arts, island of san servolo, academy of fine arts in venice – 24th june, 2015 (local: audio/s + a + s: visual);

“wavekutproject”. a project that involves video and sound performance, in cooperation with the sound-artist lucio asnaghi aka krakengore;

visual performance held within the three days event “bianca/volta”, which took place at fallani’s laboratory of serigraphy in venice. this event was part of the trail on book’s design that has begun two years ago in the academic course of projectual methodology of visual communication held at the academy of fine arts in venice;

visual performance part of the “andata e ritorno 2.0 – autumn festival of oral poetry and digital music” organized by blare out in venice, at the incubator “herion”, giudecca island: two days of performances, music and installations;

visual performance held during the installative event “garden state” implemented by the collective of choreographers mamaza – under the program performing architecture, in collaboration with the goethe-institut – transforming the new theatre foundation in an exotic garden;

“finding nevermore – the art of jefferson waller”. collaboration for the performance and the weaving/sound installation “i’m not penelope”, which took place during the event organized by the cultural lab 43 for print at forte marghera;

“lossy”, video installation with processing, in collaboration with programmer francesco ruffato;

“in bilico”, performance video-documented and exhibited at forwart – magazzino del sale 3 – academy of fine arts in venice;

tutor for the academic course of computer graphics, held by prof. giovanni federle, this activity was performed by getting top marks;

technical skills:

design and realization of graphic layouts and content for printing press, web and multimedia in general;

production of photos and videos (in/outdoor) through the use of cameras (canon30d / 5dmark2 / 5dmark3 / 6d, nikond300), camcorders (canonc100 / c300, goprohero4) and continuous light or flash equipments;

design and realization of live visual and visual pre-set for video projections as well as video mapping with specific software;

photo and video post-production through the use of adobe software

known softwares:

adobe acrobat cc, adobe after effect cc, adobe audition cc, adobe illustrator cc, adobe indesign cc, adobe photoshop cc, adobe premiere cc, resolume arena, vvvv, touchdesigner, arduino ide.