videoclip [6’42” loop]

cinema4d [maxon], adobe after effect cc, adobe audition cc

sound artist:
alessandro ragazzo


the project wants to show an experimental audiovisual overview of a city like venice. a very present place with its open-air museum trips, with its economic and globalized sinking, which drags its own inhabitants with it.

in this work, we hear the peculiar acoustic pollution of venice, which, submerged itself in thousands of other pollutions, assumes particularly colossal and routine characteristics: ships that compete with their thousands of kHz trumpets, “vaporetto” engines that whistle and scream and finally… the citizenship and the daily routine that are mixed.

the audio track is a balance of noises, up to its peak with a disjointed fusion of what is insensibly the result of the ailments of a city that leans on very specific naturalistic balances, violated before everyone’s eyes.

the purpose of this research is to investigate, through the practice of listening, the connections between the sound environment, urban issues and territorial problems. an issue that is often unnoticed in the context of the sound environment and that can give rise to reflections on the fate of an extremely precarious environmental balance.